Friday, March 11, 2011

Keep Your Classroom Up-to-date About Egypt!

In an increasingly fast paced world, where new discoveries are made constantly and changes take place abruptly, it’s important to adapt your curriculum to current events. Recently, the Middle East was engulfed by rioting. Egypt has been an epicenter of this revolution and keeping students informed is of great importance. There are helpful lesson plans available online to facilitate these discussions. 

A beneficial resource is The Choices Program which you can find here. They have comprehensive lesson plans and curriculum guides explained in great detail.

The New York Times also has a great resource if you are having difficulty integrating Egypt into your lesson plans. It includes interactive examples, fun projects, and handouts to encourage sharing of thoughts and discussion.

PBS has also done its part to encourage awareness of the Middle East revolutions. They have created and complied a great amount of videos and other resources that are helpful in analyzing Egypt and the democratic government that is being established.

Garbage Dreams Trailer- Documentary about youth who pick garbage in Egypt for a living.

In addition to the videos, you can obtain more visual media, mostly maps and charts, from Thinkfinity. They have a great deal of information regarding Egypt as well that is readily available here.
Jessica Elsayed, 17-year-old Egyptian journalist.

To give students a youth perspective, you can show them Jessica Elsayed’s blog on Youth Journalism. She is a 17-year old girl covering stories about Egypt and giving her insight into the changes being seen in the country.

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