Tuesday, March 15, 2011

School Budget Cuts Could Be Detrimental

The big if is lingering in the shadows for public schools if the June tax extension does not pass.  If the tax extension does not pass funding for K-12 schools will mean millions of dollars of statewide cuts amongst local schools.  This could mean detrimental cuts to teacher's salaries, loss of employees, and shorter school years/days depending on the district.  Surprisingly, K-12 education is the largest expenditure of the state's annual budget, but California has also not provided "funding for public education since 1981 above the national average," said Linda Luna, superintendent of the Millbrae Elementary School District.  During the great recession California spent thousands below to the national average, and it is simply getting worse.  "Teachers and students are doing incredible work with less," said Luna.  

To read the full article this blog post was derived from click HERE.

What are you thought regarding the tax extension? (Also, don't forget to educate yourself about the effects of how powerful your vote can truly be when casting it in June!) 

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